Photo by  Lauren Moulton

Katarina Gerritsen

I'm Katarina Gerrtisen, a designer, illustrator and animator based in Australia.
In design you have the ability to inspire, influence and, my favourite; entertain. I love creating concept art and designs, as well as branding, layout and print media and I fully intend to create designs that motivate and enthrall viewers. All images, designs and animations featured are by me, unless otherwise stated.

Awards and Achievements

TDC. Certificate of Typographic Excellence, 2015

Featured in Melbourne International Design Week, 2015

Worked on Daniel Johns 'Going on 16' Video clip, 2015

Featured LoopdeLoop 'Empathy' animation, 2015

ABC open documentary 'Steve's Fiery Passion', 2013

B. Visual Communication Design, 2015